For the love of the game; Liva strikes his way into another volleyball season


By Sierra Gamayon
[email protected]
(Photo courtesy of Sarah Liva) Frederick “Isaac” Liva (12) competes with the boys varsity volleyball team against Leilehua High School, taking the win in two straight sets.

At MHS, sports have become a big part of the students’ lives, with many going above and beyond to be the best they can be, and Senior Fredrick “Isaac” Liva is no exception. Captain of the varsity volleyball team, Liva has been playing competitively since sophomore year and plays two positions, switching between outside hitter and opposite.

“I think that (volleyball) helps teach you more than what you can learn in the classroom; you learn a lot about leadership, about having to struggle through things and you have to learn that everything is a process in life, so it’s the same with volleyball in that you have to go through a process to get better, you have work everyday, just like in life,” said Liva.

Dedicated to the sport, Liva works hard to become a better player, but stays humble. “I definitely didn’t think I would become the player I am today when I first joined, it was all for the love of the sport and getting to work hard everyday and come out every time better and better,” said Liva.

Liva hasn’t gone through these experiences alone; he received a lot of support from family, including his mother Cathy Liva and older sister Sarah Liva. “(Liva) has always been a natural born leader and he has a chance to show it on and off the volleyball court. He is the captain of the varsity team and he does such a great job at keeping the team together, informed and motivated,” said Sarah Liva. “He’s such a humble person despite the fact that he is well recognized for his God-given talents.”

The Liva family isn’t new to the sports scene, having other family members involved. “I have grown up in a really sporty family, everyone played sports, whether it be volleyball, basketball, dancing or even wrestling, so I was very excited when (Liva) told me he was going to play sports at Mililani,” said Sarah Liva.

As a mother, Cathy Liva gets to watch her children pursue different endeavors as they grow and mature, “I am extremely proud of (Liva), he works very hard on and off the court. It brings my heart joy watching my kids do what they love. It’s always nice to have people compliment his skill, but it means even more to have someone compliment his character,” said Cathy Liva. “(Liva) continues to amaze me as he strives towards excellence in school, on the court, but most importantly in life and I am so proud of the man he is becoming and blessed to call him my son.”

Throughout the season, Liva tries to motivate others while striving forward. “Whenever we are having a hard time it’s the passion we all have for the sport (that) really keeps us all going,” said Liva.

Along with volleyball, Liva participated in football and basketball. Liva plans to play volleyball in college and is considering attending the University of Hawaii, among other schools.