Spring Sports are Reopening


The MHS Varsity Boys Volleball Team. (Photo Courtesy: Janet Ward-Riehle)

Rhea Wojack

     On March 11, 2021 the Department of Education announced they would be allowing spring sports to open up for conditioning starting March 22. Spring sports are the only sports that have been opened up all year, and students had to turn in a parent consent form as well as an up-to-date physical in order to participate. Spring conditioning is the period of time where athletes prepare for the upcoming season. 

     “In my opinion I really missed it because tennis was such a huge part of my social life and although we’re not able to do many activities outside of tennis and stuff like that I’m really glad it’s back cause I get to socialize and hopefully make a nice little family or team,” said MHS Varsity Tennis Captain Senior Richelle Suzuki.

     Last year, the spring season was cut short due to COVID-19. Many sports had only done a few matches, games, or meets. However, this year, the spring sports have been planned to remain open until the end of the year but will not have a postseason. Competitive events, such as OIA championships, have been cancelled for all spring sports and will not count toward an officially recorded competitive season. 

     Even though the postseason has been cancelled, there are still sports events. The MHS tennis team had a match against Leilehua High School and Campbell High School, on April 24, and the track team had a meet as well. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all participants wore masks and the public, including parents, were not allowed in to spectate. 

     “I’m really grateful to have this opportunity especially since this is my first year. I think it’s a good experience and I definitely met a lot more people especially since I am new here,” said MHS track team member, Sophomore Kelli Che.

     COVID-19 is still a big concern for students, parents and coaches but being able to socialize has brought back a sense of normalcy. New students have the opportunity to bond with returning athletes and those who had their seasons cut short last year get to play a season or their last with MHS.