Trojan Times


About Trojan Times

Since 1974, Trojan Times has been Mililani High School’s student newspaper. In print, we publish eight issues for each academic year distributed to the student body of about 2,500. We feature not only the stories of our students, faculty members and staff, but also strive to work with the entirety of the Mililani community. Online, we hope to bring more to a wider range of audiences.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the student voice and showcase the talents and achievements of our Trojans. As the 2014 Best High School Newspaper in State Print Division and the 2016 2nd Best in State we continue that mission with integrity and professionalism.

How to get a paper

The newspaper is available to students who have paid their newspaper fee of $3.00 for the academic year. All print stories are available online. PDF’s of the print issues are also available for download in the PRINT ISSUES section.


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