Trojan of the Month: From football to family, Tovi moves forward in football career


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By Shaina Telford
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(Matthew Kawamoto | Trojan Times) Andru Tovi (12) plans on attending Utah State University after graduating from high school to continue his athletic and academic career.

(Matthew Kawamoto | Trojan Times) Andru Tovi (12) plans on attending Utah State University after graduating from high school to continue his athletic and academic career.

Offensive Lineman Senior Andru Tovi helps carry the MHS varsity football team into his last season of high school football. He supports his teammates both on and off the field, and strives to make a difference on the team, even though he gives credit to the other players instead.

“Not me, generally. I would say my offensive line, though. Those are the guys who really make a difference,” said Tovi.

While his teammates value his strong, positive impact on the team, Tovi expresses that it is the team that has given him the support that he needs. “Well, just the bonding (has an impact). The bonding is in everything we do,” said Tovi.

As a leader for the team, Tovi is an encouraging and supportive figure to his fellow teammates, many of whom look up to him. “It’s important that he pushes us to always work hard to be better. He’s a gentle giant and he’s like our older brother,” said Offensive Lineman Junior Koli Tausaga. Defensive Lineman Junior Christian Tungpalan added, “He respects everyone, and he treats us like we are family.”

Tovi not only excels on the field but academically as well. “The school supported me through academics and basically through the program that (Athletic Director) Glenn Nitta and Aunty Gale Nitta run, and all they’ve done for us.” 

Tovi started playing football six years ago and has been motivated to excel at the sport ever since. “I like the feeling of contact, like when we run plays,” said Tovi. Being a part of the team for Tovi means looking out for one another on the field and playing his position. “(Running Back Senior) Vavae Malepeai and me go way back. We played football together in eighth grade. The team was called the PYA Spartans,” said Tovi. 

When envisioning what his future looks like, Tovi has already begun planning out what he sees himself doing after high school. “(Playing football professionally) would be fun, but college is my main goal right now. As of right now I will probably be pursuing my career at Utah State; academically and for football,” expressed Tovi.

Looking toward his future careers in professional football and his higher education, Tovi serves as a role model for his teammates. He plans on taking his love of football from childhood to his adulthood, as he pushes through his final season of high school football.