Anime Amateur: Fairy Tail

Shaylee Oshiro

This story contains spoilers.


I’ll just start off by saying, I absolutely love fairy tail, and I always have a hard time naming my “favorite anime” but fairy tail is always one of the first to come to mind. To me, the characters develop well (for the most part), I have no problem with any of the villains being there for just a fight and getting wiped off the face of the earth, and the plot, to me, is one with a lot of depth and conflict. I think I first watched the series back in middle school, and I didnt even finish it considering the most recent season was still coming out at the time. But recently I rewatched it again and I realized that it was just one of those shows I could rewatch and appreciate more about it every time.

Often when I hear about fairy tail it’s a lot of negative responses: “too childish” “too much plot armor” “terrible protagonist” etc. And honestly the right to opinion is something that everyone has access to. So although I may not agree, negative responses or even obsessive responses are something I just kind of live with, I have mine and they have theirs.

The anime is a lot different than the manga, and a lot of anime are, and for many different reasons. So it’s not so much as poorly written, it’s just that some people believe more that the anime is not adapted well compared to the manga. And of course I met people who strongly prefer one over the other, I don’t really see one better than the other though, I think both are well made and I appreciate the work that went into both. I think the only problem I sometimes had was the amount of fillers to actually plot important events. Some moments I felt just weren’t needed but for the sake of the workers, time for the manga, and overall just production sake I can understand why it wasn’t something that was all intentional or all their decision.

The whole friendship solves everything. The argument to me is something fair, there are many moments where main characters are losing until one of their friends are in danger or just their memories help them get stronger. And realistically it’s not something that people can do, no one can go into a MMA fight and just expect to win because they think of their friends. But then again… it’s not real. It’s an anime, something that was adapted from a manga based on a fictional world that someone made up one day. That, and the fact that maybe that’s the way Hiro Mashima, the author, intended it to be, a lot of the main focus was centered on this idea that Friendship and that ability to trust people around you is power. And although I wont start blowing fire or opening gates to other dimensions it’s something that in senses is related to real life. When you have strong relationships with people a lot of things get easier with that support, and I know it’s sometimes unfathomably exaggerated but it’s just a life lesson dramatized for entertainment purposes.

There’s a lot more to say, but this is getting a little long and a lot later, so I’ll continue it in part two. Again, I’m always open to responses, comments or suggestions in the comments and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible 🙂