Intro to Hawaii Hotspots and Hidden Hangouts

Shaylee Oshiro

Hawaii is one of those places that a lot of people know as a vacation destination, and a popular one at that. Though for the one and a half million people who live here it may not always seem so amazing as how it looks in pictures and sounds in countless, “My trip to Hawaii” vlogs. At times it gets repetitive and having only so many places to go, gets boring, but there are so many underrated and also some rightfully popular places that give you options you may have never known were here. Especially since everything here is a car ride away.

Within the next couple of weeks my hope is by sharing some places I’ve visited, or on my need to see list, you’ll have a free plan for individual time, friend functions, family outings or even with a partner. It’ll range from food, stores, attractions, sights, and overall just something that I feel deserves more recognition. I’m not hoping for a simple “go here, go there, try this and that” thing, but instead, a suggestion and a way to show off some of those hidden gems that I’ve discovered. Considering that there’s so many options, I hope this is well received and adds at least a few things to a “Ive got to see this” or “Try this” list that you may have.

When I’m not busy I do my best to go out weekly to check out new things each week. So on Saturdays when I go out to explore, sometime during the next week I’ll be bringing a new recommendation while also speaking on related topics regarding the place I visited. Those topics could range from small businesses, closing places to build high-rise buildings, etc. I hope to include a couple of student/faculty opinions too, especially since this column is originating from a student-run newspaper. But overall it’ll be my opinion and take on certain things, and my recommendations for places you’ll be able to find on Oahu. As of now there are a couple ideas that I already have bubbling, ready to be shared, so make sure to stay updated with the blogs and columns from Trojan Times staff. And if you haven’t already, start a list of places you may want to make a stop at on your next off-day adventure.