Alexia Cramer

Throughout the Spring Season, MHS has decided to incorporate the #Takeitseriously808 campaign through weekly themes and activities, organized by each class council. The campaign runs from February 1 to April 22, with activities being set two weeks apart. During each week, students and teachers alike will be encouraged to take presented safety issues seriously. Such topics include the pandemic, environmental awareness, internet safety, mental health, as well as teen vaping. The movement will also include the Hawaii Concussion Awareness Management Program, which originally led to the push for sincerely considering different concepts.
Starting the first week of February, the ASMHS student body council will remind the public that a pandemic is still running its course, and that protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing remain essential. This kickoff to #Takeitseriously808 will include giveaways of masks and hand sanitizers, which can be utilized to stop the spread of Covid, and serve as reminders of Covid procedures.
“We want to remind everyone to continue staying safe and promote a safe learning environment on our campus.” said senior Caleb Beeler, president of the ASMHS student council. “To be involved I encourage everyone to continue practicing covid safe procedures such as mask wearing, social distancing, and regular hand washing, as well as to encourage others to do the same.”
From that point forward, the junior, senior, freshman and sophomore class councils will rotate through their own chosen topics in that order. The juniors will start their project on February 28, with the implementation of posters, flyers, and even social media posts. Climate change is the focus of this promotion, specifically about how it affects the environment and what individuals and communities can do to make a positive difference. On March 21, internet safety issues will be raised by the seniors. Students can expectr tips on how to maintain an appropriate online presence, as well as guidelines for certain online situations. Lunch activities may be available during the week of March 28, thanks to the freshman council and their push for awareness of mental health. Activities like yoga will be available for the purpose of relaxing the body and mind. Students and staff alike will be encouraged to take up such activities to improve their own mental health. These methods can be found in posters and banners displayed during this week. Student engagement will be promoted through social media, with games and posts concerning personal mental health tips. The sophomore council has decided to take on teen vaping, and all students will be educated on its harmful effects in advisory lessons, the morning bulletin, games, and online involvement. This will take place from April 11 through 15.
On April 18, the AHSMHS student council will unite with the National Honor Society to bring the #Takeitseriously808 campaign to its roots by spreading word on concussion awareness. Concussions are a serious injury, occurring outside of athletics. Safe driving and road conduct is stressed to prevent this injury. Word will be spread through the daily morning bulletin. The importance of safe driving will also be highlighted in the Stop if you love me campaign, which is a smaller movement that takes place throughout the month of February. Booths, bulletins, sign waving, posters, and social media engagement are all part of raising further awareness of driving safety. Stop by B-105 and visit Mrs. Ward-Rhiele with any questions, and keep an eye on the morning bulletin for updates.