A Letter From the Editor

Reflecting Through Memory

Shelby Seu

Memories are like mirrors.
They allow us to reflect
upon ourselves and view
the things we have allowed to fall
behind us. Through our memories,
we are able to glimpse at the person
we’ve become, the cuts that we’ve
gained and the scars that we’ve
allowed to heal. Yet, most of all, it
allows us to take in the view of the
people who are keeping us up from
behind, ready to catch us when we
Nowadays, I tend to struggle

when it comes to braving the chal-
lenges life has thrown at me. Be-
tween balancing my roles in school,

the Times, extracurriculars and
personal life, I tend to lose sight
of my hope and optimism as I’m
blinded by the numerous, arduous
tasks that must be completed. So, in
an effort to restore my positivity, I
gaze into my mirror of memories as
it reminds me that I am not alone.
It allows me to witness all of my
family, friends and loved ones who
actively support me from behind as
I prepare to face the storm ahead of
me. Yet, what I appreciate about the
sight even more is the notion that

even when I was expecting them
to reach their limits with me, they
never left my back vulnerable. I
owe a majority of my success to my
support group because they were
the individuals I have leaned on,
and will continue to lean on.

Mililani High School is no ex-
ception as they have 50 years worth

of memories that can be reflected
upon by hundreds of individuals
that have walked its halls. The
mirror these moments forge exhibit
many of the positive contributions
and moments that truly embody the
Trojan Nation, however, in order
to achieve success, one must begin
at a lower starting point. MHS,
throughout its history, has faced
many challenges and setbacks as it

strived to serve the Mililani com-
munity throughout its years. Yet,

it’s due to the darkened atmosphere
that allowed for its past and current
supporters to shine brighter. For

it is the light behind MHS that al-
lows the school and its impact to be

illuminated. Whether it’s attending
the community craft fairs to simply

providing the school the opportuni-
ty to nurture their youth, support