A Letter From the Editor

Jenna Kim

With the school’s return to in-person learning, a sense of familiarity has spread through campus as the puzzle pieces of our community are being put back into similar, yet undoubtedly different positions, to create a new sense of togetherness. I’m happy to sit in this familiarity with my classmates, teachers, and especially the other staff members of the recently resurrected Trojan Times. Last year was my first year on this team, taking on the responsibilities of being a writer, designer, and social media editor, and I never would have thought I’d have the privilege of serving as it’s editor-in-chief, sitting here writing this letter today on campus – rather than in my bedroom.
We, as the Trojan Times, would like to communicate the positivity and growth that our school and community have shown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been clear through the sports, organizations, and students themselves that have presented immense perseverance during the pandemic. Our staff has accomplished so much in the last two years, in spite of what drawbacks the situation may have had on their creative spirit. Although I cannot say I am familiar with the previous students of the paper who grew it to flourish so well, I am honored to be able to guide our many new members to reach above and beyond the high expectations they set.
In addition to these printed issues, our online presence has grown tremendously through our media editors, which I feel is very important. Emma Lee, our digital editor last year, took amazing care of the website throughout virtual learning and then passed her title onto Alexander Ozawa, our only three-year staffer this year, who has taken the time to redesign the entire website; work with our design team to create a new logo; and work on videos, stories, and posts for our Instagram page, @mhstrojantimes. Shaylee Oshiro has also played a large role in expanding this page vastly, always brainstorming and creating new content of super swag potential.
I am also grateful for all of the other editors who brought their experience and confidence to the team this year (listed below), as well as our advisor, Mr. Sato, who drives us all to work harder each day. This year is particularly special, being his last year advising the group, so we all hope to put our best foot forward in every issue we make. Our team, as the past editor-in-chief has said, is a very close-knit family, and that’s what makes the class so special. I have been able to watch Mr. Sato’s Journalistic Writing and Publishing class grow closer under his direction and it is a good feeling to see our puzzle pieces fit back together in the best way that they can.
We hope that this issue finds everyone and their families well, and that you continue to stay safe and healthy through the rest of the school year. Thank you so much for helping us to complete this issue and for all your love and support. <3 🙂