National History Day: Central District Competition Results


The 2020-2021 theme of National History Day was Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. (Photo Courtesy: National History Day)

Kanako Yonashiro

     Students who qualified for the National History Day (NHD) Central District Competition on December 9 revised their projects and submitted them by February 13. Participating students had chosen an original, historical topic and conducted research on it. Their work was then presented using one of the five categories: documentary, paper, exhibit, performance, or website. After the entries were reviewed by a panel of judges, the Hawai’i Council for the Humanities (HCH), an organization that hosts and supports programs that allow students to gain a better understanding in humanities disciplines such as NHD, announced the winners of the 17 projects that qualified for the 2021 Hawaii History Day State competition on April 24.  

     From Mililani High School, Junior Karl Estabillo, Junior Olivia Lake, Junior Mandy Kim-Fu, Senior Willow Otaka, and Senior Kiana Burnett qualified for the documentary category. Junior Kyle Walker and Junior Annabelle Ink qualified for the essay category. Freshman Alexis Molina, Freshman William Sensiba, Freshman Faith Komatsu, Freshman Sarah Hayes, Sophomore Jordan Fujita, and Sophomore Tiffany Matsushima qualified for the exhibit category. 

     Junior Alyssa Mae Lamarca, Junior Krystal Luna, Sophomore Kyle Corley, Sophomore Samantha Ito, Junior Armaan Needles, Junior Yasmine Mustafa, Junior Veronica Guiney, Freshman Jasmine Smith, and Freshman Quincy Coullahan qualified for the performance category. Sophomore Ty Wakahiro, Junior Erin Hikiji, Junior Emmeline Ink, Junior Breanne Acoba, and Junior Brielle Acoba qualified for the website category. 

     For those interested in viewing student projects that were submitted to the Central District competition, visit

On April 24 from 9 am to 10:30 am, the Hawai’i Council for the Humanities will be holding the Hawai’i History Day Virtual State Fair. The fair will include announcements of special community awards, Hawai’i History Day top projects, and the national qualifiers. All Mililani High School students are invited to view the presentation and will need to register at For more information on the event, visit