The Best in Hawai’i Lead the Way

Hope Ishizaka, Reporter

     At the end of every season, All-State Hawai’i puts together a team of the top athletes from each sport based upon their performance. Athletes are nominated and voted on by coaches from different schools across the state in order to create an all-state team for each sport. This year, a handful of MHS students in fall sports such as football, volleyball and soccer, made the All-Hawai’i State Team.

    “I thought it was a good personal achievement, but I rather see everyone, the whole team ‘cause it’s not only me playing and a lot of times I benefit from what my teammates do for me. An award is cool but I’d rather win as a team,” said Junior Liam McGehee who earned a spot on the All-Hawai’i State First Team for football and soccer.

    Throughout the high school season for each sport, athletes have the challenge of balancing a busy schedule between school and athletics. Some athletes participate in multiple sports, while others have to adjust their schedules to fit in family, athletics and social activities. “Mondays is usually track practice, Tuesdays soccer practice, Wednesdays track, Thursdays soccer, Friday is my rest day before the games and meets on the weekends. Saturdays I usually have a game then a meet and Sunday I have a WISA (Women’s International Soccer Association) game,” said Junior Aislynn Crowder who was on the All-Hawai’i State team for soccer.

    McGehee added, “I definitely have to sacrifice seeing my family. I also have to sacrifice going to the beach or hiking, some things that a lot of local kids do.”

    On top of having a busy schedule, many athletes face different obstacles and challenges. Some struggle with not getting enough sleep, finding time to finish homework, injuries and giving up family time. “A lot of it — I have to give up time with my friends and my family just to make sure I get my work done for school and I’m getting the training that I need to be at my optimum level for both of my sports,” said Crowder.

    Despite the trials and hectic schedules that student athletes face, many have a strong support system. Several of the athletes look to their family members for encouragement. “I think something that really motivates me is my family. They’re the ones behind the scenes working very hard to take sacrifices for allowing me to do what I do,” said Crowder. “I really look up to my mom. In the end, my mom is one of the most hard working people I know — ever.”

    Junior Dahlis Sablay who was on the All-Hawai’i State Honorable Mention Team added, “I look up to my brother, my brother Javen. He’s like a role model to me. I get inspired by him. He never quits and he keeps pushing and I wanna be the same.”

    Despite being on the All-Hawai’i State Team, many student athletes remain humble with their accomplishments. They credit those who are not mentioned and aspire to refine their skills. “I wouldn’t consider myself the best at those because there are a lot of people that put in the same amount of work as I do that don’t get recognized. It’s nice to have or be named that but I’m not there yet,” said McGehee.

    Crowder added, “I don’t really like to think as myself as one of the best in the state or anything. But it’s always a blessing to be chosen, even just nominated for something like this, it’s just a great feeling to have and to share with some of my best friends that I’ve gotten close to.”

    Regardless of the accolades and accomplishments throughout the season, striving to become better is a goal for all student athletes. Many focus on their practices and trainings in order to improve. “‘Train to be the best’, I just feel like — it just means I always know what I’m trying to work towards every time I step on the field, every time I throw my cleats on, every time I touch a ball, I know what I’m trying to work towards,” said Crowder. Sablay added, “I have a quote I always use. It’s ‘As he has conquered the sky of heaven, I will conquer my dreams.’”

    After achieving the honors of being on the All-State team, the athletes remain focused on their personal goals and what they need to accomplish for next season. They are also fixed upon improving individually as well as a team unit. “Get my teammates more involved, make them show their skill set more, lead the team better than how I did this year and then just work on my weaknesses I have to get better in,” said Sablay.

    In total, the All-State Hawai’i Teams listed nine first team athletes, four athletes on second teams, three as third team athletes and 21 athletes listed as honorable mention for football, girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball and boys and girls soccer.



First Team: Dillon Gabriel ‘19 (Offensive Player of the Year), Sergio Muasau ‘20, Ryan Chang ‘19, Mykah Tuiolemotu ‘19, Darius Muasau ‘19, Liam McGehee ‘20

Second Team: Reichel Vegas ‘19, Asher Pilanca ‘20

Honorable Mentions: Kilifi Malepeai ‘19, Maka Hill ‘20, Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi ‘19,  Jacob Tuatagaloa ‘20, Shane Kady ‘20, Ezra Save ‘19, Fatu Iosefa ‘21


Girl’s Soccer

First Team: Aislynn Crowder ‘20

Second Team: Amber Tadeo-Gilbert ‘20

Honorable Mentions: Kaitlin Hirasa ‘19, Cecilia Jenkins ‘20, Jacey Jicha ‘21, Callie Kitagawa-Mullen ‘20, Sydni Nakamura ‘20, Kira Nishiki ‘19, Mackenzie Reed ‘19


Girl’s Basketball

Honorable Mentions: Madison Ayers ‘19, Kalena Gibson ‘19, Dahlis Sablay ‘20


Girl’s Volleyball

First Team: Falanika Danielson ‘20

Third Team: Aysia Miller ‘20, Gabby Naniseni ‘19

Honorable Mentions: Starr Sergent ‘19


Boy’s Soccer

First Team: Liam McGehee ‘20

Second Team: Jvon Cunningham ‘20

Third Team: Ayden Lawes ‘19

Honorable Mentions: Nicholas Gaston ‘20, Kekoa Kuloloia ‘19, Noah Ungos ‘19


Boy’s Basketball

Honorable Mentions: Dayvon Appleby ‘19, Jace Patsel ‘19, Ethan Rudometkin ‘20