Lareau Competes in the Miss Hawai’i Jr High. High School, Collegiate America Scholarship Pageant


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Maya Hirano , Reporter

On Nov. 4, 2018, girls from various schools around Oʻahu competed in the Miss Hawaiʻi Jr. High, High School, Collegiate America Scholarship Pageant held at Hawaiʻi Convention Center. The winners of each division won a crown as well as scholarships worth $10,000 to Argosy University. Although she didn’t walk away with the crown, MHS Junior Cassidy Lareau won the most photogenic award and got to meet new people from the experience.

“When they called my name I was like (what)? I probably looked so fake on stage but I was actually surprised,” said Lareau. “I became friends with all the girls. Usually people think that the pageant girls don’t like each other because we’re going against each other, but we’re actually really good friends and we do stuff outside of pageants together.”

For Lareau, it was her first time competing in a pageant. Although she had her older sister competing in the collegiate division to look up to, it was a new experience for Lareau and she got a taste of what it takes to have a grab at glory. “Once I signed up for the pageant I started walking in the heels and practicing walking, because that’s the most important part. You have to practice smiling so you don’t look weird on stage and it doesn’t look forced. You have to work on just being out there,” said Lareau. “I’ve learned that pageants aren’t all fun and games. It’s a lot of hard work and it’s tiring. We have to learn an opening number in a short amount of time, and it’s really scary doing it all in front of everyone. We have to remember walking patterns, separate ones for each dress that we wear, and your face hurts from smiling all the time.”

The judges assessed the girls based on multiple factors such as personality and dress. They also tried to incorporate the message of B.R.A.V.E., Building Respect And Values for Everyone. Each delegate had to make a short video explaining what B.R.A.V.E. meant to them. “The day before that we have interviews with the judges so they get to know us and know what we would do if we won the crown, like how we would make their stuff B.R.A.V.E; how we would spread it around and get people to know about it. They basically just want to get to know you; see if you’d be a good person, if you’re genuine,” said Lareau. “It’s really just about spreading positivity. It’s spreading awareness about bullying because it’s really prevalent and it’s just about sticking up for people,” said Lareau.

The Miss High School America Scholarship Pageant Organization was started in 2009 with the hope of providing young winners with opportunities personally and professionally. The organization has distributed over $200,000 in scholarships in the past ten years, and national winners get extra prizes such as travel and wardrobe opportunities along with scholarships. They also promote strong moral values for the girls, encouraging kindness and active participation in the community. This year’s winners for each division were Kadence Fergerstrom, Alyssa Kapeliela, and Kyra Rose Alcoran. For more information on the pageant or all of this year’s delegates, visit their website at or @pageantheadquarters on Instagram.