MHS Issues New Home Side Bleachers to Liven Stadium


By Christian Lum
[email protected]

As this semester comes to a close, last minute adjustments have been made to change the face of our high school stadium. While currently, wooden school bleachers may seem rusty and outdated, they are finally being replaced.

“For the new bleachers construction, we are replacing the seats. We are ripping out the old wooden ones and we are going to put in aluminum bleachers with colored brown and gold seats. They are going to be polyethylene, (a type of plastic), seats that will be the school colors,” said Assistant Principal Andrea Moore.

Construction on the home-side began on Nov. 28, and unfortunately, the visitors bleachers will not be renovated quite yet. “For now we are only renovating the home side. The visitor side will be constructed in some future time when we have the money for it,” said Moore.      The school is trying to get the construction completed as quickly as possible. The new bleachers have been planned and are expected to be finished by the start of the track season next year.

The school also wishes to eventually construct a whole new stadium, but that is a dream set for the future.