Indoor Drumline and Winter Guard take first at Hawaii Invitational


By Caitlyn Resurreccion
[email protected]
(Photo courtesy of Jerika Gomez (12)) After months of training, the winter guard performed their winter number, “Redemption” on April 1 at the Kaimuki High School gymnasium.

The MHS Indoor Drumline and Winter Guard placed first at the Hawaii Invitational: International Music Festival held on April 1 at the Kaimuki High School gymnasium. The drumline and winter guard not only competed alongside Oahu high schools, but with high schools from across the country. Although the two groups are no strangers to first place, both continue to value the learning experiences given, while at the same time creating close bonds with not only each other, but other marching groups nationwide.

“This drumline is very special. Every individual is very hard-working and dedicated to their job, but most of all the bond created with this group is indescribable and it’s a real blessing to have the opportunity to play with such talented people,” said Drumline Captain Senior Jared Ambrosio. Winter Guard Member Junior Akoni Pasoquen-Castillo added, “Winter guard is my final stand to make before the year is over. Everyone works so hard and it’s just so rewarding to be recognized for the hard work we put in.”

The drumline performed their piece, “Determination,” embodying that determination gives the resolve to keep going despite the roadblocks that may lay ahead. “We really like this piece in particular. It’s relatable with our lives now,” Ambrosio said. “When you have determination, you have a fight in you, a fight that never gives up.”

In contrast, the winter guard displayed their piece, “Redemption.” “The fact that this is my last performance with the guard is pretty emotional,” said Winter Guard Captain Senior Jerika Gomez. “The piece, I feel, is the best way to end the season because it’s so beautiful and speaks so many volumes.”

Competing demands a lot from performers, however, and there were important values that each of the members kept in mind throughout the competition. “Whatever you do, you do it with your heart. Though you perform for the pleasure of the audience and for the overall score, you perform for those who stand or play next to you and for those who gave you the opportunity to perform for the line,” said Ambrosio. Section Leader Senior Ashley Mae Regaspi added, “The most important thing to think about when competing is to give it your all and connect with the audience. Translating your emotion helps you to enhance performance quality.”

Among the various things the drumline and winter guard have to keep in mind, there was a base understanding that everyone lived by. “To me it is all about what we call the ‘P’s’. The P’s stand for pride, passion, perseverance and precision. (Drumline and winter guard) is all about these because in order to be good, you need to have pride in what you do because you should be giving your best effort and should not be ashamed of what you put out for other people to see,” said Marching Band Director Derek Kaapana. “You need to have passion; love what you are doing because you won’t do well if you have no passion for something.”

Despite the season coming to a close, both drumline and winter guard look forward to the upcoming season. As for the senior members, the lessons and relationships learned will be taken into their future education plans.