Timoteo moves into position for a bright future


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By Harlan Rose
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(Emma Ormond | Na Manao Poina Ole) Wide Receiver Kalakaua Timoteo III (12) received the title of Wide Receiver MVP at the Nike Regional Camp in Oakland, Calif. in March.

(Emma Ormond | Na Manao Poina Ole) Wide Receiver Kalakaua Timoteo III (12) received the title of Wide Receiver MVP at the Nike Regional Camp in Oakland, Calif. in March.

After taking up football in the second grade, Wide Receiver Senior Kalakaua Timoteo III has learned to embrace the sport and is now a captain of MHS varsity football team. With the constant support of his teammates, Timoteo hopes to grow in his position as captain as he aspires to become a professional athlete.

“I believe that football is definitely a rewarding experience. It helps you learn more than just the x’s and the o’s. It teaches you character, leadership and much more,” explained Timoteo.

Timoteo’s passion for football stems from his family, which has served as his source for inspiration throughout his years as an athlete. “What initially inspired me was my grandfather, he was a big reason why I played,” expressed Timoteo. Quarterback Senior McKenzie Milton added, “You know that all he wants to do is make his family and friends proud and you can see that in the way he plays and the way he carries himself.”

This year, however, Timoteo is serving as a captain of the varsity team, which has provided him an opportunity to seek greater responsibility. “I would consider myself somewhat (of) a leader. There’s a lot of other things that I have to work on,” said Timoteo. “Slowly but surely, it’s a hard process. (Head Coach Roderick York) always tells us to make unpopular popular. Sometimes it’s hard, but with the help of my brothers it’ll get easier.”

Despite the greater responsibility and pressure Timoteo may feel as captain, his teammates treat him as a role model and often look to him for direction. “I believe he brings a fire to the team, making everyone better,” said Running Back Senior Vavae Malepeai. Milton added, “(Timoteo) leads by example. He’s a guy that comes in every day and puts his work in and he’s a guy that a lot of the young kids look up to and even myself, I look up to him.”

Furthermore, Timoteo has felt the constant support of his teammates throughout the season. “They pick me up when I make foolish decisions and make sure that I stay on track,” explained Timoteo. Malepeai added, “I support him by letting him know when he is out of line and by catching his back, no matter the circumstances. He is a brother to me, taking the field with family is one of the best feelings that can’t be explained.”

However, to Timoteo, football is more than just a high school sport; it’s a gateway to higher education and potentially a professional career. “I plan on going to the NFL. Plain and simple,” explained Timoteo. Milton added, “He’s got the size, he’s got the speed, and I think if he just stays healthy and stuff like that, he’ll have a good shot at (making the NFL).”

 While this may be Timoteo’s senior year and last on the team, he still intends to continue to embrace his passion for football and lead the rest of the varsity team to many victories as the season progresses and possibly bring home another state championship.