A Parade of Banners Displayed on MHS Fenceline


Emma Lee

     The 35th Annual Mililani Holiday Parade was canceled due to COVID-19, so the Leaders for Life Hawai’i Lions Club and Mililani High School LEO Club collaborated, with the help of the Associated Students of Mililani High School (ASMHS), to create a holiday parade of banners along the MHS fenceline.

     “So we actually came into contact with them (Leaders for Life) and they decided that, hey, we didn’t really want to kinda throw the entire idea away of the Christmas parade. So we decided to just find another alternative,” LEO Club President Senior Aviana Gregorio said.

     In past years, the Mililani Holiday Parade involved over 1,500 people marching through Mililani, including the Mililani High School Band, antique cars, and local businesses. This year, participating clubs organizations, such as the MHS National Honor Society, the MHS Hui Malama o Mililani Club, and Mililani Girl Scouts, created holiday banners with holiday messages.

     “Driving down the fenceline, it is so nice to see the different holiday greetings because they are all so unique, and no banner from an organization is similar to another one,” ASMHS President Senior Angelina Dulay said.

     Designs were created through Google Drawings, a Google Chrome App that allows users to collaborate on various diagrams in real time. The finished banners were hung on December 12, 2020.

     “I would say it was kind of like a fun project for the Leos to kinda contribute with all of their creative ideas and artistic skills, so we had a really fun time creating that poster,” Gregorio said.

     In addition to the Parade of Banners, the LEO Club organized a sign-waving event to further spread holiday cheer. This is planned to take place in front of the banners on Friday, December 18, from 3:45 to 5pm.

     “So, we’re gonna be signing next to the posters and kind of sign-waving towards those coming home from work or just spread that same Christmas spirit that we would do at the Christmas parade,” Gregorio said.

     The finished banners will remain on display until January 2. They can be seen along Meheula Parkway on the MHS fenceline.