The Lions Club Breakfast Returns

Randen Tadaki

For many, The Lions Club Breakfast is a fun event in which breakfast is served; however, for members of the Leo Club, the breakfast serves as a way to continue to support an organization that has been giving back to not only the community, but Mililani High School for many years. Held on Mar. 12 from 6 to 11 a.mStudents who have purchased tickets to the breakfast are invited to enjoy food served by MHS’s Leo Club.

“I went to the one in freshman year. Most of the Leos just serve and prepare food but the most important job is selling the tickets. The Lions Club gives us the tickets and you have a minimum of 10 tickets and you go around your community and sell tickets to the breakfast to other people. All those people come back to the cafeteria and the Leo Club serves breakfast.  It’s a good opportunity.” said Leo Club Vice President Elena Keomalu.

The Lions Club has been known to go beyond sponsoring projects for the MHS Leo Club as they have been serving MHS since it first opened its doors in 1973. One of their most significant contributions to the school was the creation of the New Lanai, giving students an additional lanai to sit under. Furthermore, the Lions Club has also opened many new doors in terms of future opportunities for seniors in the form of scholarship aid. Yet, even though these opportunities seem to be driven towards improving the school environment, Leo Club Treasurer Alanna Lee believes that the impact from this breakfast transcends the boundaries of MHS and into the community.  

“The Lions Club has been with the school for a long time which helps with the breakfast especially because they built the new lanai when we did not have one,” said Lee. “So they helped our school develop the way it is now throughout the years and the Lions Club has also helped the Leo Club seniors with scholarship and financial opportunities and just overall with our community they help a lot with how we’ve been running the way we’ve been running so far.”

Outside of the high school, the Lions Club aids those less fortunate in the form of donating eyeglasses and hearing aids to people who can’t afford them. The profits from the breakfast help fund projects such as these. Therefore, the Lions’ Club Breakfast financially supports the club’s donation drives for the community,which means that people who have purchased tickets to the breakfast have already started to give back to the community.  

“The main reason for it is to give back to the community as this is a community service club, so the focus is to give back to the people and this breakfast goes back to the community in the form of eye tests for the elementary school and eyeglass and hearing donation boxes. They collect new or used eyeglasses and donation boxes and hearing aids which go to people who are less fortunate and cannot afford the medical coverage for either having glasses or hearing aids so it’s very important to the community as it all circles back,” says Keomalu.

Currently, the Leo Club has sold over $3900 worth of tickets for the breakfast, providing hope to many of its participants, especially Keomalu, for a large turnout. For more info on lions club breakfast, you can contact the Leo Club advisor Mr. Ogi, [email protected].