Intro to Anime Amateur

Shaylee Oshiro

Before this even begins, I will make one thing very clear, I am not an expert on anime, I will not claim to know everything and I truthfully don’t know everything. The only things that are certain though, are that I’ve been watching for about six years now, and it’s been something I’ve constantly had an on-off relationship with. But as I’m getting older and learning more, finding my identity, blah-blah, all that growing up stuff, I’m realizing how much anime plays a part in my day to day life, and the piece it plays in my ethnicity and the cultural appreciation on my part, that comes along with it. Considering that, let’s go.

The whole idea of this blog is just to share my opinions on anime, whether filled to the brim with excitement, dripping with burning resentment or the homeostasis unaffecting in between. Something, although stated, gives way for either, a similar POV or a conflicting opinion to yours. And, considering that, it’s a safe place for all of those, whether an argument gets heated or the agreement turns into passion, opinions are just that, one’s own opinion. So, in saying that, basically, don’t be mean about it, it’s okay to have separate opinions, and personally I find it the most interesting when I can have intellectual debates and funny arguments when two people believe in conflicting ideas. It’s something that actually inspired this, because even if you don’t want to go out and have these conversations, or can’t meet anyone who thinks differently than you, or even you feel it’s something you rather read about than engage in, it’s all totally valid and that’s what I can provide. Oh also, I will definitely mention when I think it’s an anime that needs more recognition, so if you’re willing to try new things, or listen to this random person’s recommendation, I suggest starting a list. Something like “Strangers recommendations” or “I’ll write it but never get around to actually watching it,” simple, funny, true and although it’s something you’ll hope to get around to it’ll probably take a good year before you find the list you misplaced the minute after you made it.

Keeping to the topic though, I’ll just share a bit about what I’m watching now and what I want to watch or rewatch next. At that moment, and thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I started One Piece… I know, it’s a thousand and more episodes, including countless filler ones, but it’s actually been interesting so far and I’m excited to get more into it and eventually- even if it’s in fifty years- finish it. For things I’m ready to watch next, I have about three pages worth of shows, but I think I wanted to start something like Promised Neverland, or Demon Slayer, stuff I feel like is so popular but I just never got around to. As for things I want to rewatch, definitely my favorite arcs in fairy tail, stars align and death parade. All good choices, and just a couple of my favorites. Later, they’ll come up again, and my opinion on each will be more expressed, on top of the countless other mentionable ones I’ve watched. Unavoidably, I know there’s some things that’ll get conversations stirring, so, if you have anything you want me to speak on, watch or you just wanna talk about it, just let me know.