Hard at Work: Building and Construction Renovates L-Building Workroom


Sarah Dittle

Since early September, Building and Construction teacher Jeff Cadiz and senior John Herold-Nanu have been coming on their own time to renovate the L building workroom into an office for CTE and it’s coordinators, Head of CTE Mrs. Jamie Ludwig and coordinator Janise Kim.
“I can’t speak for Wulfred and Ricky but I’d say I got a good experience of a full day of work when I came in on the weekends and it was a good experience overall.” Herold-Nanu said.
The project was an opportunity for experience for Herold-Nanu. Installing vinyl flooring– one of the tasks he and Cadiz did– is an extra skill trait for construction workers.
The room will be finished by Christmas break, with only sliding-door cabinets left to construct and install, along with lighting installed by the Electronics class to finish. It will also be used as a conference space for teacher-work meetings.
“Well, I guess for the most part Mr. Murphy envisioned us having more of a home-base for Career and Technical Education,” said Business teacher and CTE coordinator Janise Kim.
“There’s a lot of school-wide projects that we’re starting to do that we would like to be able to use the space more efficiently next door since it wasn’t really being used.”
“When we do new projects for the school it’ll involve constructing, making a structure like the dining lanai, the second dining lanai, things like that, and then it also involved painting so the project pretty much fell into our area,” said Cadiz.
Cadiz and his Building and Construction class have also helped build other structures on campus in the past. At the moment, CTE does not have any other projects for Cadiz.