Two Scoops, One Cone: Motivating Students and Supporting Local Businesses With the Power of Ice Cream


Photo Courtesy: Blue Bubble Creamery

Akira Pescador

     Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Class of 2021 advisor and AP US History teacher Sean Wagner and the 2021 class council organized multiple gift card giveaway raffles where one’s involvement in student activities increased the likelihood of winning the prize. This system was meant to motivate the class of 2021 in school spirit as well as support local businesses.

     “Our raffle is a way to engage our students to get them to participate, get them to be a part of their senior year, and the more they participate, they’re entered in a raffle. That raffle is put in a big pot and names are chosen out at random. The more you participate, the higher chance you have,” said Wagner.

     Participating in a dress-up challenge for the spirit week puts one ticket into the raffle. The prize is a 10-dollar gift card for Blue Bubble Creamery, an ice cream shop in Mililani Shopping Center. The raffle took place once every two to three weeks.

     “The council decided upon it, and they chose Blue Bubble Creamery because they want to support local businesses during this difficult time,” said Wagner.

     Due to the global pandemic, locally-owned businesses suffered due to the lack of financial assistance from parent organizations or companies. Unlike other businesses owned by large corporations, local business owners have to pay for their supplies, property ownership rent, and general upkeep via personal funds. With most local businesses being forced to close down during the peak of the pandemic, these business owners were unable to make money for a period of time. Through the senior council’s raffle, Mililani High School is able to give back to the community, one gift card at a time.

     “I became a teacher because I’ve always wanted to help students, and I’ve always wanted to see them become better than myself and others around us,” said Wagner.

     For those interested in supporting Blue Bubble Creamery, visit for their menu, contact information, and hours of availability,