World Kindness Day: ASMHS Celebrates with Sign Waving

Kanako Yonashiro, Reporter

     On Friday, November 13, the Associated Students of Mililani High School (ASMHS) held a sign-waving event from 4-5 pm along Meheula Parkway in honor of World Kindness Day. Teachers, faculty, community legislators, and club members from the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Hui Malama attended and waved signs that promoted kindness and positivity for the members of the Mililani community. 

     “We want to show to our community that Mililani is united in kindness. We hope to remind others to be kind, to spread the aloha, and to choose love instead of hate. With what is going in the world right now, being kind is of utmost importance,” said ASMHS Student Representative senior Kayla Muh. 

     ASMHS sought to promote these positive messages to not only students and faculty at our school, but also the community and those who were driving by. 

     “We wanted to expand our ripple effects of kindness beyond our school walls. We know that not everyone is keeping up with our student activities on our Instagrams, so we wanted to show our physical presence to the community. Sign waving is a simple activity to not only be seen but to be heard and show Mililani what we stand for,” said ASMHS Student Body President Senior Angelina Dulay.

     When ASMHS was planning the event, their main focus was enforcing safety precautions concerning COVID-19. Those who attended were required to wear masks and maintain a 6-foot distance at all times. ASMHS also brought hand sanitizers and a list of people who were attending as a way to keep track of everyone who was involved.

     As participants waved their signs on the sidewalk, drivers waved, honked, smiled, or gave a shaka. For many students, these reactions are what raised their spirits and added to the fun. “I enjoyed connecting with students in person. I really miss seeing them in person. It made my day to be able to catch up with students and have conversations about what they have been up to,” said science teacher and Hui Malama advisor Jennifer Kuwahara. 

     ASMHS hopes this event can promote acts of kindness not only on World Kindness Day, but throughout people’s daily lives. Small acts of kindness can include complimenting someone, checking up on friends or family, offering help, or showing appreciation by thanking someone. “The main thing about kindness is not necessarily what you do, but it’s the impacts you make on someone’s life,” said Dulay.

     Aside from sign-waving, ASMHS also promoted this day on their student activities Instagram by posting stories with kindness quotes, random acts of kindness, and positive messages. Dulay plans to further contribute to the community by expanding ASMHS’s presence and not just within our school.

     “I want people to know that (the) Trojan Nation is standing united for kindness. Choose love instead of hate, choose the light instead of the darkness. Remember to be kind because you never know how beautiful someone’s day can be when kindness touches it,” said Dulay.

     For those interested in more information on upcoming events and activities at MHS, visit the school’s student activities Instagram page @mililani_hs_student_activities.