Mililani High School Senior Goodbye Letters

Jacob Nakasone and Hope Ishizaka

To the reader,

Aloha! We are Jacob Nakasone and Hope Ishizaka from Mililani Times. We know that these are very difficult times, so we wanted to give the Class of 2020 an opportunity to say farewell to MHS. The faculty of Mililani High School were also invited to give their advice and last words to the graduating class (this can be found on another story posted on our Mililani Times website). We have also made a designed PDF version of the letter which can be found on our Issue website (

The letters are arranged in alphabetical order by last name. We hope you enjoy these farewell letters. Stay safe and take care!


Acosta, Nolan: 

Dear Fellow Trojans, 

Over the past four years at Mililani High School, my experience has been an emotional rollercoaster filled with ups and downs. It was certainly an exciting adventure and one that I will always remember. From the moment I stepped on campus, my time here at MHS had been filled with many positive memories and challenges. These experiences have helped me to become the person I am today. From being a leader in ASMHS, serving others in the National Honor Society, to sharpening my communication skills in Morning Bulletin class and SkillsUSA, I’ve shared wonderful times with my Trojan Family. I found my passion and my direction for the future here at MHS through my CTE classes, especially through the graphic design projects. Finally and most importantly, I have gained many friendships that I hope will last a lifetime 

During Spring break, I was devastated to learn that we would not be able to celebrate special senior moments. Like prom, traditional graduation, spirit week, awards ceremonies, or have the last events before parting for college. It also made me feel sad when I realized I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to my friends, teachers, the administration. Upon reflection and time at home, I realized how grateful I am to so many wonderful people in my life. You were there for me in my best times, the difficult times, and now cheering me on to my next chapter in my life. Instead of saying goodbye, I want to say thank you for being there for me. To my family for always believing in my passions and supporting me each and every day. Thank you, teachers, for always believing in me and taking the time to make sure I understood the assignments. I hope I have made you proud. To the students in the halls who didn’t know me that well. Thanks for supporting me as I tried to lead, I wanted the best for you and to be the voice for your concerns. I hope I represented you well. Finally, to my many close friends, thanks for being there for me by listening, helping me through my challenges, making me smile, and being there to create lasting and unforgettable memories. I am blessed to have all of you in my life. Thanks, MHS! See you later!


Nolan Acosta


Agoo, Joie: 

Being the last person in my family to graduate high school, I’ve grown up awaiting the day I got to cross the stage at Aloha Stadium and hear my family “chee-hoo” from the stands, walking away from high school as a Valedictorian with several honors chords. I am still leaving high school with those titles, unfortunately the traditional ceremony can’t accompany it due to our current worldly situation. Four long years of late-night studying, NHD projects, AP exams, and endless assignments wasn’t supposed to end like this, but that’s just how it has to be. The phrase, “It is what it is” has seemed to become my new motto; however, these unfortunate circumstances shouldn’t stop us seniors from thanking those who got us here in the first place.

From the time we entered Kindergarten, so many people had a hand at giving us an education, from teachers, administrators, and family members. In my thirteen years of schooling, I have had the privilege of calling over 40 different individuals my teacher. Thank you to every teacher and mentor I had, for showing me how to work hard and try to solve problems rather than avoiding them. Thank you to my parents for celebrating my accomplishments, and checking in on me with water and food during exam weeks. To my friends, thank you for being constants in my life for four plus years. This period in time is so unpredictable, but the stability and reassurance you provide me with keeps me sane. And finally, to MHS, thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn, adapt, and nurture relationships that will last well beyond high school. I never thought I’d miss school, but here I am. Mililani High School, you’ve served your purpose in preparing the Class of 2020 with an unforgettable and incredibly unique experience, and I hope you continue to for all the seniors to come. 


Autele-Acera, Brayden: 

Even though this was not the senior year that I hoped for, I am grateful for the experiences that I had throughout my 4 years at Mililani High School. As I prepare to move on to the next chapter of my life I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to a few groups of people.


To the MHS Band, thank you so much for providing me with a home for these past 4 years. I‘ve had lots of great experiences participating in this group. I felt very welcomed when I first joined in my freshman year and that sense of comradery has been a major reason why I chose to return year after year. Shoutout to Mr. Hirata, Mr. Hiyane, Mr. Kaapana, Mr. Terozono, and Mrs. Higuchi for being such wonderful music teachers and your dedication to the music program. Thank you to all of the marching band staff and boosters for putting in the effort to make us better performers and people.


To my family, I know how tiring it must be for you to deal with me being in band for these past 4 years. The late nights, having to drive me to rehearsals and comps, buying snacks to donate for camp, and sitting for hours at our competitions just to watch a single 10 minute show. I also want to thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me when you guys show up to a lot of my events. Even things as small as playing at football games. Your support is unparalleled and I wouldn’t be where I was today without your love and support.


To my friends, if you are a senior I hope your journey is a good one. For my non senior friends, don’t waste any moment. It goes by a lot faster than you think it will and pretty soon you will be walking across that stage to get your diploma. Stay healthy and don’t forget to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!


Thank you all for these great 4 years, and I hope our paths will cross in the future!


Garcia, Arissa: 

Thank you to all of my family and friends who have supported me along the way. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be anywhere near who I’ve become. I’d like to give a special shout out to the marching band for giving me a place full of endless opportunities. Also thank you to Mr. Riehle, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Schick, and Kpan for always helping me throughout high school and being amazing teachers!


Hipolito, Daisy Ann: 

I am a very nostalgic person. I often find myself reminiscing on moments that feel like a breath of fresh air, and when I’m not, I’m living in them, knowing that one day they’ll be there for me when I need them to be. If you were to ask me to reflect on one of these moments now, the chances of it being from the past four years is close to certain. And though I hate to admit it, I have high school to thank for this in one way or another.


High school has given me enlightening opportunities, longtime friends, and life long memories. Without these opportunities, I might’ve never discovered my love for watching children learn and grow. I might’ve never spent days in layout applauding our newspaper staff when something went well. I might’ve never built graham cracker droids at the Star Wars winter social I planned. Without these friends, I might’ve never had a dance party in Mcdonalds at 1am after a volunteer event. I might’ve never screamed at the top of my lungs at my last homecoming game. I might’ve never danced until my feet felt like they would fall off in the midst of a crowded dance floor. I might’ve never made the memories I now hold so close to my heart— now, more than ever.


If there is one thing I learned from the events that have rudely unraveled themselves over these past months, it is to never take anything for granted. I am simultaneously full of gratitude for my memories yet full of regret for thinking that I had time to make more. To the underclassmen that may be reading this: do not take “now or never” with a grain of salt. We believe in you and the things you wish to pursue! To my teachers, family, and friends that believed in me this way: Thank you endlessly. You are what made my high school experience, and though I wish with all my heart that it could have ended differently, I am nonetheless left with an immense amount of love and knowledge that I will continue to carry with me.


Special thank you to Genevieve, Amelie, Tyler, Chance, Lauren, lauren, Sasha, Kayla, Leila and Kenji. My eternal thanks to Mom, Dad and Andrew. I love you all.

Thank you Mililani High School. I hope that my, along with the ℅ 2020’s legacy will continue to live in you as yours will live in me. Go Trojans! #tgod


Senior, Daisy Ann Hipolito


Ishikawa, McGwire: 

I want to thank everyone that has supported me for these last four years. It was a huge journey of self-exploration, and I’m glad so many of you had my back through all of those times. I remember the highs and lows of high school, and all of those moments helped me to improve as a person, mainly in confidence, kindness, and self-love.


For everyone, and I mean everyone, remember: 

– Moving on doesn’t mean you should try forgetting the past; cherish the good times and learn from the bad. 

– Looking out for your own health and well-being above all doesn’t mean you’re being selfish; in time, you will be in a better state to help someone else. 

– Accepting your flaws doesn’t mean you should just settle for them; our flaws make us who we are, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve on them. 


Once again, thank you all for everything you’ve done for me. I hope we’ll see each other again. If you ever need to talk, I’m a call, text, or DM away.


Kierstedt, Zakia: 

I would like to thank all the staff of Mililani High School for helping me get through every year, and being able to come to you guys for help. I also want to thank my family for always supporting me with sports and academics, especially my mom who is also an outstanding Vice-Principal. And to my friends in school and graduating I want you guys to know I love you all and don’t let anything set you back from your goals!!


Lalau, Jeiley: 

From freshman orientation on August 1st, 2016 to now graduation on May 17, 2020, my time at Mililani High School can be described with one word. Youthful. High school taught me to always find joy in the little things and to appreciate the moments we have as kids, because we only live through it once. 

First and foremost, I want to thank God for always remaining constant throughout my 4 years of highschool and for getting me to where I am today. I trust your plan for my future and cannot wait to see where you lead me. Next, I wanted to thank my siblings and my parents for their endless support not only throughout high school, but throughout my entire life. Mom and Dad, you guys will endlessly be my cornerstone through every phase of life I go through, I love you both always!! I’d also like to thank Coach Renesha for the best years of my childhood. Joining cheer was one thing, but experiencing it under your leadership was another. I’ve learned so much from you about cheer and life itself and all it has to offer. Thank you coach, love you!! 

Also, thank you to all my teachers and counselors who make a daily decision to raise the next generation of students to make a difference in the world. You all have a huge impact on each of our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you to my Aunty Kris for being more than just my aunty at school, but someone who constantly reminded me and several others not to let anyone steal our joy. I love you so much!! And finally, thank you to my friends for experiencing this crazy journey with me. Laughing, crying, and stressing out about everything will always be some of my favorite memories because that’s what makes high school, high school. I can’t wait to see where the future takes you and wish you all nothing but success and joy. 

My advice for anyone yet to graduate, cherish it. Class of 2020’s high school adventure was cut short but that doesn’t mean what we did get to participate in wasn’t memorable. You’re not going to be a kid forever, so live out and enjoy these moments of your youth with no regrets. With that, thank you Mililani for an unforgettable high school experience, I love you all. 

Lum, Jaylen: 

Hey underclassmen! 

High school is full of hard times but along the way you’ll make some great memories.  Although it may seem to suck most of the time it actually does but it’s the only time where whatever you do doesn’t matter but at the same time affects your whole life.  Make the best of every school event whether it’s a dance or a game GO TO EVERYTHING. Nothing is high school is going to be fair so it’s best you face that’s fact now.  Make sure to know what you’re going to do after graduation or you’re screwed.


Jaylen Lum


Miller, Aysia: 

Mililani High School has given me the experience and understanding of what it takes to transition from teenager to adult. I can’t express how grateful I am to be a graduate of the Class of 2020. My time at high school is over, but a new journey has begun. I appreciate everyone that has stood by my side throughout the past four years and will continue to. Thank you to my mom and dad, the people that have inspired and motivated me to be the greatest I can be. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and passion to provide the absolute best. Thank you to my sister, Aria, for being my best friend. The past two years of helping you through high school has been amazing and I wouldn’t want anyone else as my sister. You understand me and push me to work harder. Thank you to my brother, Nainoa, for showing me your happiness through the toughest times. I can’t wait to see you grow into a wonderful young man. Thank you to Trojan volleyball. I had the privilege of representing my school and bringing back two OIA titles. My classmates and community showed me the meaning of Trojan Pride that I will carry on. Thank you Aunty Kris. Your positivity and joy has brought me closer to others and allowed me to show kindness to all. To the underclassmen, don’t take anything for granted. Trust the journey and have faith in yourself that you can do anything. Learn to love school because before you know it, you will have to say goodbye. Don’t stress out too much on the past, but instead focus on the present. Enjoy every moment and have fun. Be proud to be a Trojan! With that being said, goodbye Mililani High School, so long and farewell.


Minato, Melissa: 

Dear family and friends, 

I would like to thank you all so much for the impact that you have all had on my life. I still remember the fear I had at the beginning of high school and feeling that graduation was so far out of reach. I remember getting lost in the halls and going to the wrong lunch. I remember being so afraid of not knowing what my future held. Now I sit here writing this letter in the year 2020 where we are stuck in quarantine and have no idea what the future holds. I have a lot of gratitude for everyone who has entered my life and could never give enough thanks to all of you. Thank you to my family; mom, dad, my brother Zach, and my grandparents for always pushing me to do my best and raising me to be kind, respectful, and hardworking. I love all of you and will truly miss you guys when I go off to college. To my friends, thank you for being my second family and for always making the smallest moments the best moments. I can’t wait to see what amazing things you guys will do and I love you for infinity and beyond! Thank you to my teachers who have always encouraged, pushed, and supported me in anything I did. Lastly, to the Class of 2020, you are the strongest and brightest people that I know. Continue to keep your heads up high and soar like a phoenix. You are the best class! I would like to close out with a lesson that became more prominent during this quarantine and that I will continue to live by — appreciate the little things in life: the moments, your friends, family, school, etc. Make the most out of the moments you still have and keep moving forward. Thank you all for every lesson you have taught me and every moment that we shared. As I have said hundreds of times, I love you all, and thank you!

-Melissa “Missy” Minato


Mumma, Genevieve: 

Mililani High School has been one of the priorities in my life for the past four years. While it may not have provided my most joyous moments, this school has introduced me to my extensions of self, led me to my greatest academic accomplishments, and been a center to explore my passions. This is all thanks to my amazing teachers and advisors who make MHS what it is.

While I have many to thank, my biggest thank you is to the journalism program in L205. Here I have rekindled old friendships, made new ones, and learned important life lessons. In this class I’ve done it all: laugh, cry, sing, dance, write an essay in an hour. Every single person I’ve interacted with in this program has given me the utmost support whether I needed it or not. I’m going to miss all of our weird conversations that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. L205 has been a home away from home; it is the place where I discovered my love for photography, explored design and journalistic writing, and became a teacher and mentor. Mr. Sato, you have not only helped me become a better writer and photographer, you have taught me how to question everything, reflect on myself, apologize properly, take responsibility for my mistakes, work in a team environment. And you showed me the importance of a simple hello and goodbye.

With that being said, I’d like to thank Mililani High School and finally say Goodbye.


Myers, Tabitha: 

I’d like to start off by saying I never actually realized how much I would miss high school until it was the last day. With the time being cut short, I’m kinda sad that I didn’t cherish my time there like I should have. I’d like to thank all of the people that I met there for being so great and getting me through the day, both the teachers and students. Also if you’re an underclassmen reading this, pLEAse cherish the time you have with all your little high school buddies and your teachers, and if you ever do any sports PLease bond with your team because you never know when you may not be able to be with all of them again. Good luck ℅ 2020, and every other class after that 🙂


Don’t be lame u guys, have fun in high school while it counts


Nakasone, Jacob:

I want to begin by saying thank you to the MHS soccer program. These past four years with the program have given me incredible memories, emotions, and friends from the boys and girls side of the soccer program. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away from high school soccer is that hustle and effort will always stand out over talent in the long run — I’m a testament to that. You can have the best skills on this island but if you don’t put in the time and commitment to improving yourself, you will never find out what you’re truly capable of.

I’d also like to say my thanks to my friends and family for supporting me during these past four years. I struggled a great amount with anxiety and my emotions when I got to MHS, but the amazing friends I’ve made helped me find a lot more fun and joy in my life. When I look back on my high school days, what I’ll remember most are all the great times and people I met along this long journey.

Lastly, I want to give my thanks to Mililani High School and all of the wonderful programs, teachers, and classes this school has. Mililani is a powerhouse of a school. In athletics, we can compete in any sport for OIA and state titles. In academics, the AP classes offered and co-curricular/extra-curricular clubs are some of the best in the state. Programs such as marching band, color guard, robotics, the music department, the CTAA plays — Mililani has everything you could ever want as a student to be successful and have fun. For any incoming freshmen or students looking to try something new, I highly encourage you to put yourself out there at some point in your four years here. Join a sport, participate in multiple clubs, challenge yourself with AP classes — embrace the culture at Mililani, because it is a unique and special one.

And last of all, enjoy every minute of high school. The friendships, the relationships drama, the late night homework sessions, the cramming, the awkward social events, the stress of applying to college — it will all eventually come to an end. I’m glad that I can say that I truly enjoyed every part of high school. Even when you fall down, there will always be a lesson in every mistake or problem you encounter. Be optimistic. Mililani is a special place, and there’s no other school I’d want to be an alumni of.


Thanks for everything -Jnakz


Nitta, Kylie: 

Thank you to my amazing family for always standing by me in everything I do. Especially my parents who motivate me every day to be better and have never let me give up. Thank you to my friends who have always been down for adventures and are honestly the greatest friends I could’ve asked for. I also want to thank all my teachers throughout all my thirteen years of schooling, especially Mr. Terazono for always caring and Mr. Sato for being the best advisory teacher ever. Thank you for all the memories and the lessons. 


Pai, Aren: 

Dear family, friends, teachers, and everyone in between, 


My four years at Mililani HS were more memorable than my time at Mililani Middle or Mililani ‘Ike. Although every year there was at least one lockdown and numerous times filled with stress, I grew the most in high school. Upon realizing I needed to work hard and make the most of each experience, I sought to enjoy my time as a teenager. From challenging myself in AP courses, having fun in electives, making new friends, to becoming an active member in the community as well as the school’s LEO, Science, and Future Farmers clubs. My senior year was the most remarkable. I would not change one second. Even though the stakes were higher because of college, I met so many fantastic people and witnessed so many give back to the community. It was astounding to be a part of the group who plans activities for the school and executes those plans in the community. 

I am incredibly grateful for my family, friends, teachers, advisors, and everyone I’ve met in high school. I am who I am today because of you. Each one of you was always there for me; thank you for that. My family– generous and open minded– are the greatest people in the world; constantly lending a helping hand in projects, ideas, and my mental health. My friends– creative and innovative– did not have to stick with me in times of great stress, but our relationship grew because of it. My teachers– passionate and caring– allowed me to progress in my academics and never put me down for asking questions with obvious answers. It was in their classrooms where I realized I love learning and where I discovered my own passions. My club advisors– altruistic and dedicated– serve as an example of leadership and inspire me to pursue my passions. I learned how to be a leader through their example and aspire to be a better person because of them.

Thank you so much for making high school the best years of my life! I will never forget all of the memories we made together! You people are the reason why I am graduating. I don’t know what to say other than thank you and you will always be in my heart. 



Aren Pai <3


Pasa-Lacio, Jazsmin: 

Thank you to my teachers, counselors, friends and especially family for helping me through the many years of school. I have to say that high school is definitely something that gets to you, from the work load to the friends that I have made throughout the years and especially the memories. I’m going to have to say that even though my senior year was cut short and it didn’t go expected as planned, it was the most memorable year of high school. During my senior year, I’ve experienced so much. Senior luau was the most memorable event I had during this year. You get to be with your class and only your class and share a bond with your closest friends and staff and just enjoy the moment. The music and food was amazing and the vibe was great. To the fellow underclassmen, all I have to say it to live in the moment, stay out of trouble and maintain your grades. Get close with your teachers, vp’s, but mostly your friends and counselors. I’ve built a bond with my counselor Mrs. Brown and my vp Mrs.Miller that made high school so much easier, not only were they there for me but they were also like my best friends. I also wanted to thank my family for always being there when times were tough during school. Especially during this pandemic my mom, dad, brother and grandma have been there to make sure that I made the most of the rest of my senior year, even though we seniors won’t be walking across a stage with a ceremony or leing experience, I have to say class of 2020 was the best class. 


Pecoraro, Mina: 

I first moved schools when I was in kindergarden. I lived in Germany at the time and attended a small school on a military base surrounded by only other military kids who were living the same unexpected, temporary-feeling life I was. Over the course of my public school education, I ultimately attended 6 schools in 3 countries but I’m so eternally grateful that I got to spend all of high school at Mililani. 

Reflecting on the time I spent here, I am amazed at how much I was able to experience in 4 very short-feeling years. I learned so many valuable lessons, discovered my interests and things I was passionate about, met amazing people, and for the first time in my life, felt like I had a place. Some of my favorite memories were made in my AP classes; where I felt provided with a safe and challenging learning environment, surrounded by brilliant individuals who inspired me everyday. Seeing how hard my classmates worked and seeing how passionate they were about education sparked passion inside of me too. I made many great friends from my AP classes, some that I still have online class with now and some that are about to complete their first year of college. From AP Spanish, where the nine of us drove our teacher absolutely loca, to AP Biology, where …. I am grateful for it all and will take the lessons I learned in those classes and carry them throughout life. To the classmates who became great friends, I’m so grateful for you and I wish you the best in your future endeavors. 

I am also extremely grateful that I was able to participate in so many extra-curricular activities throughout my 4 years. Thank you to the Mililani choir, the Mililani marching band, Mililani Times, and Central Theatre Arts Academy for providing me with my best friends, learning experiences, and opportunities. I will never forget the amazing feeling of getting to perform nationally and internationally at BOA and WGI and all the countless lessons I learned from being part of the amazing colorguard at Mililani. I owe a lot to the program and never take for granted all the opportunities that it provided me with. Thank you for teaching me how to persevere, how to strive for greatness instead of being complacent, and for giving me the tools to strive for greatness in my own life. CTAA: I will never forget cast circles before each show and the amazing feeling of taking mic tape off. I will never forget the rush of adrenaline at “places” and the crazy amount of hands it takes to put on a show. Thank you Ms. Higuchi and Mrs. Chung for being incredible leaders, teachers, and sources of inspiration. Your guidance and belief in me helped me to find my light and build my confidence as a performer. Lastly, I am so proud of my amazing theatre friends who I know will go on to do spectacular things. Thank you Mililani Times for the lessons. I wasn’t ever a good reporter but getting to learn about MHS from the eyes of my interviewees and getting to telling their stories was a very special and eye-opening experience. I also had the honor of working with very talented and extremely dedicated individuals (and some very quirky individuals), all whom I love and have so much respect for. Thank you choir for being a home at school for 4 years; the place where I finally found my voice and truly felt accepted. Thank you to the teachers and directors who taught me so much and encouraged me in hard times. And to MHS: thank you for making me grow as a student and as a person. This isn’t the way that any of us wanted to say our farewells but I feel so lucky that my high school experience was one that is difficult to say goodbye to. 


Perry, Amber: 

I’d like to thank all my friends for making these four years memorable and giving me many good memories. As well as all of the teachers I’ve had and gotten to know over the past four years. Although I didn’t talk much and struggled a bit with social interaction I enjoyed the time I spent in your class. I’d especially like to thank Mr. Dunford, Mr. Riehle, Mr. Hiyane, Mr. Shang and Mrs. Rockwell. Last but not least, thank you Kpan for all that you do for the marching band and leading the program into what it is today. Most of all, thank you Ms. Downey for helping and caring about me. I hope to see you all again someday in the future.


Phaniphon, Tai: 

My heart swells and pounds with each step, intune with my shaky legs I walk onto the vast campus. Before I get far, my small prepubescent body slams into this six foot man followed by a stampede of high schoolers. In shock of how big the students were, my younger self thought high school was a whole other world. 

Looking back on my first day of school, it’s crazy to think of my mindset at the time. The tremendous amount of growth I achieved in a matter of a few years both mentally and physically has shaped me into the young adult I am today. However, this experience was not short of challenges, full of tears shed because I couldn’t understand spanish, all nighters from procrastination, and the identity crisis I went through every year. 

Sadly for the class of 2020 our senior year was cut short. Personally I’ve never been one to complain to much of the circumstances I am put in because I can do something about it. I have control over my reactions to situations and always focus on moving forward. But the current circumstances are uncontrollable and the best I can do is nothing, that in itself is hard to accept. This past quarter of isolation I have experienced loss. Loss of experiences and possible memories, my senior track season, prom, graduation, and simple interactions with people has been ripped from me. In the beginning I had my grievances, my hate but in the end acceptance. 

Similar to the beginning of my freshman year, it was a period of transitioning. To me this time alone is a time of extended transition, for me to be future oriented and prep for college life. At first I did not want to write a senior goodbye letter because I had already moved on, becoming desensitized to this high school loss. As mentioned before, I let go and move forward. However, with this letter I would like to give thanks to what high school has given me. I learned my weaknesses and strengths, my likes and dislikes, most importantly independence. Although the class of 2020 has been struck the hardest, what we all share in common is this experience and will grow from it. I give thanks to my teachers, my track team, and fellow students for a great highschool experience. 



Tai Phaniphon


Ramos, Kia’i: 

High school brought me so many life long memories and friendships. It also taught me that hard work is everything and when you put in the extra time to work at something it always pays off in the end. If I had any advice for the underclass it would be to attack every day with a solid mindset and appreciate the time you have with your friends.


Reese, Krysta:

To every teacher, student, and advisor:


Thank you for making my high school experience something to remember. All the small things like lunches together, club meetings, having study groups after school, or even JROTC PT sessions, they all made up who I am today. I’ll never forget taking goofy spirit week pictures in front of the office, the dinners at Zippy’s after football games, cheering as a team before swim meets at Kalani, and the feeling of the curtains falling on closing night of The Little Mermaid the musical. All these little things that I took for granted make goodbye seem so hard.


So to my teachers, I appreciate the devotion, support, and encouragement you have provided these past four years. Your dedication truly helped me reach my dreams of higher education. 


To my friends, thank you for all the late nights, early mornings, wild adventures, and never ending love.


Finally, to all the seniors, congratulations on all of your achievements and hard work! I understand the feelings of disappointment that you may have and I know that all the cancelations these past few months are frustrating. But these setbacks do not dismiss the amount of effort you had put into your education and remember that your accomplishments are worth recognizing. Although this isn’t the end of the semester that we planned for, I know we can still finish strong. So as you transition to college or work toward your career goals, I hope you continue being leaders, continue to spread some joy and positivity, and continue to stay kind.


-Krysta Reese


Sanehira, Kenji: 

I would like to thank everyone who has gotten me through high school, whether it be close friends, family, instructors, advisors, and even peers whom I have never met but I have seen once or twice in the hallways. Every single one of you has had an impact on who I am and who I will become and I can only hope that I was able to impact your lives in the same way. The person I was entering Mililani High School four years ago is completely different from the person that I am today and that is due to the connections with peers and instructors, participation in activities and events, and my overall experience at Mililani High School. It is an experience that I will never forget.


Although it may sound redundant and cliché, a piece of advice that I wish to give the freshman is to use your time wisely. It is something that many of us seniors have probably overlooked and it is something that was emphasized with the current situation happening worldwide. None of us knew that we would be spending the end of our High School careers cooped up in our homes, and yet here we are. If you want to make new friends or try new things, then you should do just that! Don’t wait on it, because time might fly by you and you might regret it! Do what you want to do, but predict and understand the results of your actions. Study hard, but also make time to hang out with your friends and family. You only have one High School experience, so don’t take it for granted! But all in all, it is your high school experience, so just make the most of it!


Finally to my fellow seniors, thanks for putting up with me throughout these four years. If you are reading this right now, know that you mean a lot to me and that I probably won’t ever forget your name. The people in our class show amazing amounts of kindness and gratitude towards each other and that is exactly what people wish to see in communities all around the world. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that you do in the future. But until then, I guess we’ll just have to see each other around sometime. See you then!


“The Office” S9E23 45:01


Sceppe, Ginger:

Although the year didn’t end as planned, I’m still so thankful for all the many experiences and lessons learned in my four years at Mililani. 

First, Thank you to Coach Renesha for shaping me into the person I am today, and teaching me many important life lessons. Cheering for you has created so many amazing memories for me that I’m forever grateful for. Also, Thank you to Mrs. Miller for always believing in me and pushing me to do my best. Last, thank you to my friends for making high school memorable and fun, I love you guys and I’m excited to see all your future accomplishments!! 

For all the future graduates I hope you take nothing for granted, and enjoy the rest of your year.


Sewa-Santiago, Kaya: 

It is genuinely crazy how fast life goes by. To me it feels like high school did not start too long ago; it feels like I just started this journey. However, it has actually been four years filled with new friendships, memories, life lessons, tons of homework, and experiences that have made me the person I am now. Quite frankly, it all feels like a dream, like all the memories I made were too good to be true and soon I am going to wake up from this dream. I am going to wake up and start living as an adult and face reality. We all will. We are going to go our separate ways and it is scary knowing that we won’t have our best friends standing right beside us but we will each accomplish our own achievements and do great things with our lives. Whether we become doctors, professional athletes, artists, parents or even if we don’t know what is in store for us or what we are destined to do with our lives, we are going to succeed. We are the Class of 2020 Phoenixes and we have gone through a lot in the past few months. I know we wanted to have that last dance, we wanted to walk across that stage and say that we made it, we wanted to enjoy these last moments with our friends before we go off into the real world. Yet we are stuck at home being quarantined, and this is not ideally how we wanted to end our year but it is kind of like a timeout. Where we sit in the corner and think about what we have done. I have been thinking about my life, like how grateful I am to have met so many different people, for the adventures I got to go on, for the things I accomplished and will continue to achieve in life. This feeling of disappointment will go away, our lives will continue and we will have other priorities and things to look forward to. As phoenixes, we need to rise from this moment and live the rest of our life to the fullest. So dear Class of 2020, peace out girl scouts 🙂


Sniffen, Brycen: 

First and foremost I just wanna thank god for leading me into the right direction the past 4 years at Mililani High School. Without him I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. Secondly I wanna thank my parents and family for being there for me and drilling me on my education and also coming out to my football games and track meets over the years. Without them, Idk where I would be the person I am today. To all my teachers and coaches who had me over the years I want to say thank you for guiding me and molding me into the student, athlete and man I am today without you guys I wouldn’t be in this position I am in right now so I just want to say thank you for all what you guys have done. I want to send a special shout out to The College and Career center Mrs. Yamamoto, Mrs. Schrock and Ms. Charlie for helping me with scholarships and college applications. Without you guys I wouldn’t have an idea where to go to college. For the class of 2020 I know that our senior year got cut short but just know we made it through all the ups and downs of what school has to offer. And to all the underclassmen, hit the books hard and if you have goals for yourself just go after it because it never hurts to try even though you know it can be impossible. Thank you Mililani High School for the memories and lessons though. 


Brycen Sniffen 


Tolentino, Chazlyn Jezebel: 

I wouldn’t know where to start, but all I can say is throughout my high school year everyone in my life that came and went or stayed taught me a lot about life.


Thank you to my teacher who helped me when I was struggling in my personal life and my education. Thank you to my counselors who checked on me knowing my situations. Thank you to my friends who stayed by my side when things got harder and loved me for me. Thank you to the friends that left my life because I know you’re doing better and I wish you the best.


Last but not least, thank you family who helped me the most when I needed it. Family is the one thing I know that I can always count on because family is always number one. I’m glad I made it. I passed school, got through my depression and out of all of it, I have a son now. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned while attending Mililani High.


My message to the underclass is, please enjoy your year(s) that you have left at Mililani High. I promise, you will miss everyone once you graduate because I know I will miss everyone I’m graduating with. High school is hard, but I know you will pass. Learn from your mistakes, make new friends, try sports, try clubs, study hard, go to every school dance, experience a sport game and most of all have fun. Sometimes I wish I could have a redo because I want to change something or to relive it, but I can’t and it’s okay.


Thank you for taking the time to read. I put into a lot of thought into this and I’m so going to miss Mililani High.

-Chazlyn Jezebel Tolentino


Topinio, Rochelle: 

Aloha, my name is Rochelle Topinio. First off, I would like to thank my family who have been there for me since the very start. For always pushing me to go to school and get good grades. For pushing me to be the very best version of myself everyday and supporting me through every challenge life has put me through. Also, I’d like to thank all of my friends for creating such amazing memories that I will cherish forever even if senior year got cut short. I’m beyond thankful for the friendships I have created, even with the teachers and the staff. They have pushed me to make sure that I was giving 100% in my classes and pushing me to my full potential. I’m grateful that I attended Mililani all my life since kindergarten. I love everyone and I wish everyone the very best in their future. God bless!


Wurlitzer, Danean: 

When I think about saying goodbye, I think about the plane ride home from a vacation. You weren’t there for a long time, but you find yourself missing all the people and places you got to see. However, there’s always that one sentimental rock (that kind of looks like Danny Devito if you tilt your head to the left) you take home that reminds you about that vacation; a little parting gift that lets you accept the fact that you have to leave. 

That being said, I like to think of this letter as my Danny Devito rock. This is my little reminder about Mililani High School, and all that it’s done for me. 

Of course I am grateful for many people: family, friends, that one chicken I saw everywhere on campus. Without trying to put too much communist propaganda into this letter, I believe that humans share a collective spirit, that we all rely on the mysterious, intricate workings of fate and relationships in order to survive. I’m grateful that I found these relationships, and extremely fortunate to have met great classmates and teachers who let me become the person I am today. I also survived, which is pretty rad.

Now we’re about to graduate and move on with our lives. I would like to say it could’ve ended on better terms, but I’m excited that it’s ending. My mom told me that I’m not allowed to get emotional about graduation, so for legal reasons I’ll tell you about the future instead. This isn’t a farewell; it’s just a new hello. Life is just a cycle of biting into a bittersweet departure, then washing away the taste with a fresh beginning, going on and on until one day the cycle stops. Holy cow, that was deep.

Thus, now we say hello; to college (imagine a cute montage of your life starts playing), to happiness (flashback to a happy moment in your life), to upcoming tears (the emotional music kicks in), to new friends (the music is swelling now), and to life (cut back to the monologue.) I’m not sure about you, but that all makes me pretty pumped for the future. 

So thank you, Mililani High School, for introducing us to this new adventure in our lives. Our plane has landed, we’re heading our separate ways. But we’re not leaving yet, we’re still smiling out at you from the airport window as we both head out on a new adventure. Can you see us? Can you see us waving?


Yang, Louie:

Dear MHS,


Thank you for a wonderful two years! Although I haven’t been at the school that long, I am grateful for the opportunities given to me and the community as a whole. I would just like to thank my family, friends, and all my teachers for supporting me throughout my high school career. I would especially like to thank Mrs. Sitachitta and Dr. Venzon for allowing me to basically “live” in their classrooms to work on projects and guiding me inside and outside the classroom. Thank you to all the amazing people I have talked with, whether it may be something small like a greeting or deep conversations, I appreciate all of you!


To the underclassmen, make the most out of the time you have as a highschooler. It is cliche, but these few years go by quicker than a Zoom call. Enjoy it. Join a club, get involved in sports, be a leader, just do something that you enjoy! Reflecting back, I should’ve gotten involved a lot sooner. Most importantly, make friends! School isn’t just about homework and assignments, it is also about interacting with the people around you and collaborating. People can make a difference in your life, and you can make a difference in their lives too.


These years at MHS are truly unforgettable. From making new friends to joining clubs to competing at the science fair, I will forever treasure them.