Senior Recognition Opportunities

Hope Ishizaka, Reporter

     With the 2019-20 school year coming to an abrupt finish, there are many events that have been completed, especially for seniors. Prom, the last day of school, graduation and many other events have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 spread and quarantine mandate. While seniors have not had a traditional senior year, many people and organizations have been stepping up to honor and recognize the class of 2020. 

#BetheLight Campaign: 

Throughout the nation, many high schools have decided to be apart of the “Be the Light” campaign. At 8:20PM (20:20 in military time), high schools turn on their stadium lights for twenty minutes in honor of the class of 2020.

Hawaii News Now Senior Spotlight:

On Hawaii News Now, seniors are being recognized everyday during their broadcast. To submit your photos to recognize a senior, please visit their website:

White Hot Hawaii:

White Hot Hawaii’s Instagram page has been showcasing seniors throughout the islands. To be featured on their account, please visit their page @whitehothawaii and direct message them for further instructions. 

Scoringlive Senior Shoutouts: 

For student athletes, Scoringlive is offering a Senior Shoutout feature on their website. In order to appear on their website, email [email protected] with the SchoringLive Shoutout as the subject and submit your name, school, photo and a brief message. 

MHS Class of 2020 Instagram: 

Mililani High School has taken to Instagram’s platform to promote the class of 2020’s success and future endeavors. To be recognized, seniors can send their picture, plans after high school and a brief message to the class of 2020’s Instagram account: @mililani2020. 

MHS Band Seniors: 

Band members at MHS have also done a similar post to the class of 2020’s account and decided to have a senior spotlight for their seniors. To be featured, check out their Instagram account: 

SPADA’s Project-Prom/Project Grad: 

Since prom and the traditional graduation ceremony have been cancelled, SPADA has announced plans to celebrate the two occassions with a potential “All-Nighter”. For more informaion, email [email protected].

MHS Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony: 

On May 17, MHS seniors will be having a drive-thru graduation as an alternative commencement celebration. Seniors will be able to drive through the MHS parking lot, receive their diploma, walk across a stage and have their photo taken. Be on the lookout for further details and announcements regarding the drive-thru graduation ceremony. 

Mililani Times Senior Letters: 

Our publication, Mililani Times, wanted to do something special for the seniors. Since we do not have a last day of school to say goodbye to our friends and thank you to our teachers, we came up with the opportunity for seniors to say one last message. Please check your school email and fill out the Google form attached in order to have your letter posted on our website.