Things To Take Away From This Time

Chanelle Camero, Community Editor

     Throughout this long period of quarantine, it has given many of us time to reflect. It’s given us the chance to reflect on our lives, on the lives of others, on COVID-19 and on the things we have learned during quarantine. 

     Personally, I was able to take away many valuable lessons from this experience that’s happening around the world. 


  1. The value of in-person interactions. I never realized how grateful we really are to be able to go out and spend time with the people we love. It’s so easy to take this simple thing for granted and we never fully appreciated until it was taken from us.
  2. Structure in our lives is crucial. Without a schedule in my life, it’s difficult to find motivation or a greater purpose to do anything. Having a schedule that you’re committed to is essential to having structure in your life. 
  3. The number of healthcare and other essential workers that go underappreciated. Now that they have become the frontline defense against COVID-19, it’s a lot easier to recognize their actions and role in our community. 
  4. How valuable life is. No one could ever get used to the feeling of losing a loved one yet there’s thousands of people experiencing that right now. 
  5. Just how much education is taken for granted. Being fortunate enough to go to Mililani High School and having access to a good education and technology, I’ve realized how much I miss it in my daily life. Suddenly, everyone who once dreaded going to school can’t wait to go back. 
  6. Now is a good time to take a breather and catch up with everything going on. The days have been going by slower and it’s a good way to take a break from always working. 
  7. Hobbies are a part of self identity. It’s good to take the time to rediscover any hobbies you were unable to keep up with before. I’ve found myself painting, going on bike rides and writing more frequently — all things I wouldn’t normally do on a typical school day. 
  8. To appreciate the little things. As this time goes on for longer, it’s made me come to see all of the things I took for granted like going on drives to the beach, seeing my friends, or going to a public place worry-free of a pandemic. 
  9. How to hold on to the rays of hope. While ultimately, I know there is nothing I can do to fix any of this except for playing my part. Wearing a mask outside, social distancing, doing my part to flatten the curve. All of these small things help contribute to a much greater thing. 
  10. To look forward and up to the bright side of things. While this time is long and tedious, I try to see the good in everything. It’s helpful to think about how after all this is over, the time we spend with loved ones and going out will be so much greater and happier than we could imagine.