Genevieve Mumma: Thank You

Genevieve Mumma, Head Photographer

     Mililani High School has been one of the priorities in my life for the past four years. While it may not have provided my most joyous moments, this school has introduced me to my extensions of self, led me to my greatest academic accomplishments, and been a center to explore my passions. This is all thanks to my amazing teachers and advisors who make MHS what it is.

     While I have many to thank, my biggest thank you is for the journalism program in L205. Here I have rekindled old friendships, made new ones, and learned important life lessons. In this class I’ve done it all: laugh, cry, sing, dance, write an essay in an hour. Every single person I’ve interacted with in this program has given me the utmost support whether I needed it or not. I’m going to miss all of our weird conversations that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. L205 has been a home away from home; it is the place where I discovered my love for photography, explored design and journalistic writing, and became a teacher and mentor. Mr. Sato, you have not only helped me become a better writer and photographer, you have taught me how to question everything, reflect on myself, apologize properly, take responsibility for my mistakes, work in a team environment. And you showed me the importance of a simple hello and goodbye.

     With that being said, I’d like to thank Mililani High School and finally say Goodbye.