Beginning of a Journey: Lalau Signed to Go 2 Talent Agency


By Taylor Ann Ono
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(Photo courtesy of Cierra Slade (12)) Sienna Lalau (11, right) first met Go 2 Talent Agency in 2016, but wasn’t offered a contract until she was recently scouted at a carnival in LA.

Aspiring dancer Junior Sienna Lalau has been signed to Go 2 Talent Agency, opening doors that will begin a successful career. Now whenever Lalau has an audition, she is officially listed as a client of Go 2 Talent, expanding her opportunities for jobs.

“Being able to work as a 16 year old, doing something that I love and (am) passionate about (is what I look forward to). If I do get booked, I think it’s just exciting for me to experience something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” expressed Lalau. “It still feels surreal to me, I don’t think that it hit me yet, I don’t think that it’s been processed in my head. But once I start to go to auditions then I’ll probably be like ‘Wow, I’m actually a part of an agency.’ It’s really cool though, I love it.”

With this chance to catch the attention of those in the performing industry, Lalau has set new goals and standards for the future. “I really, really want to dance for big celebrities or artists and just be able to perform at the Grammys or at the American Music Awards, something like that. That’s one of my biggest goals (that) I’ve had forever,” Lalau stated. Senior Cierra Slade added, “I think it’s been long overdue that an opportunity like this comes up for Sienna. Her talent really goes unnoticed because we come from such a small island where opportunities this big don’t usually come up for dancers. With this talent agency, I’m really looking forward to her getting her name out there and excited to show everyone the raw talent and passion that makes (Lalau) the amazing dancer that she is.”

This entire experience has proven to Lalau that believing in yourself is the key to being successful. “(My inspiration has) got to be my parents. They always do so much for me. They support my dreams so I think (this is) me repaying them back in a way. They work hard to put food on the table and clothes on my body, I just want to do the same for them and give the same love and respect back,” said Lalau. “(My advice on following your dreams is to) just go for it. It doesn’t hurt to try and if you fail, there’s always going to be a next time, you can always pick yourself up and learn from the mistakes you made. If you’re really passionate about your dream, then I would suggest you just do what you love because you’re not going to get that time back.” Slade added, “Have a humble heart, let your passion be the light, and be patient. (Lalau) has never lost that fire and desire to be a better dancer, she’s really let her faith in God and passion guide her. For Lalau, it’s never about making dance videos for followers or likes and retweets. It’s simply about dance. That’s the beauty in it all. As long as you keep motivated, humble and patient, you’ll go a long way. You really need to wait on your time to shine because it’ll come.”

Lalau is not the only inspired by the people around her. “It wasn’t much of a surprise (when I found out about Lalau being signed to an agency) because I knew from the first day I danced alongside (her) that she had a bright future. It was more excitement than anything else, I actually cried because it’s so great to see how much she’s accomplished and the fact that everyone would finally be able to see the pure talent that she has fills my heart with joy. It’s only the beginning of a successful future,” expressed Slade. “(Lalau inspires me) simply by being (Lalau). She’s the type of person to make sure everyone gets where they need to be in life before she focuses on herself. She puts others before herself, with constant love and encouragement. She’s a true role model and leader. I think that a lot of it is because how she was raised and her strong faith in God that makes her so inspiring. She’s a real child of God.” Talent Agent Julie Medeiros added, “(Lalau) has incredible talent for her age. She worked hard, continued to update me on her progress, and when I saw her perform in Los Angeles, I knew she was ready for the next step. I look forward to watching her successful journey unfold.”

With the Go 2 Talent Agency being in Los Angeles, California, Lalau plans on traveling there more often, hoping to book more auditions and jobs.