Trojan of the Month: Rodriguez Brings Driven, Positive Mindset to Soccer


By Lindsey Scott
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(Anika Ramos | Trojan Times) Rodriguez (12) has had a large family support system while playing soccer.

With an Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) Championship title under her belt, team oriented Senior Tia Rodriguez, a striker for the Girls Varsity Soccer Team, has worked hard throughout her soccer career to get where she is today.

“This year was definitely one for the books. We won the OIA which was a big accomplishment and we got far in states which I’m so proud of my team. I love my team and wouldn’t trade them for any other team,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez brings a fresh, team driven perspective to the school and her team, “She is a positive representation of the school. Tia is smart, talented and beautiful. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t see how she wouldn’t be picked. I love her and I am very proud of her,” said Luis Rodriguez, Tia Rodriguez’s father. Malia Rodriguez, Tia Rodriguez’s mother, added, “Tia’s a good teen role model. She always finds the good in people and stays positive in negative situations.”

Tia Rodriguez receives support from both her soccer team and her coaches. “We have each (others) back no matter what and always worked together. When one falls, we all encourage and help them get through it. When I’m having a bad day they always find a way to make me smile and laugh. One mistake or two they are always there to help you through,” said Tia Rodriguez. “Coach Ray (Akiona) and (Coach) Darren (Camello, who) were my past high school coaches (influenced) me a lot. They’ve always pushed me to be better and smarter. They encouraged me and made me a stronger person on and off the field. Coach Ray always told me how special and a great leader I am and, with that, I took on (everything) I did. Darren worked with me so that I could be (better).”

Tia Rodriguez’s parents also support her in soccer and in school. Luis Rodriguez said, “We tried to be at every game, most practices and traveling tournaments. It didn’t matter how far we had to drive or fly. We just wanted to support what she was passionate about.”

Soccer has not only influence her future, but it has also influenced her character. “Soccer has taught me how to work hard and always push myself to strive better everyday. It has taught me valuable life lessons (like) to never back down from a challenge and you can always be better (and have a) positive mindset,” said Tia Rodriguez. “(Also) to focus on school and there will always be rough patches in life, but you just have to fight through it and always have a positive mind set.”

Soccer has been extremely influential in many aspects of Tia Rodriguez’s life, including her future. Tia Rodriguez may continue to play soccer in college, but her ultimate career goal is to become a nurse.