Head Start on Spring Cleaning with Annual Campus Beautification


By Christian Lum
[email protected]

The annual campus beautification took place Feb. 4 to 5. The Mililani InterClub Council, a club of our school club delegates, meet-up to discuss what’s going on, and design campus beautification. A variety of projects and cleanups took place this year. “The tasks fluctuate each year. Some of them are the same like we have gum that needs to be removed, but we try to save those for last. We try to do bigger projects, planting projects, painting projects, things that will uplift the school’s visual presentation,” stated Student Activities Coordinator Leilani Ward-Riehle. “Overall our school is very well kept by our custodians, students, and teachers but we bring on projects that will help put a shine, a shiny coat, on our campus.”