ASMHS Presents Check to Special Olympics Funded by Operation Save the Planet


By Lindsey Scott
[email protected]

On Jan. 26, ASMHS held a ceremony to bestow a check of $452.72 to the Special Olympics, all funded by the recyclables that MHS students provided during the service project named Operation Save the Planet.

During Homecoming week, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 2, ASMHS facilitated the school wide service project Operation Save the Planet. The preparation that went into the school wide service project started as early as summer. “(From) summer, we had to decide (from) the Homecoming theme and then (how to turn it) into service project, like what we were gonna do, what’s (it) going to be called, all the details that we had to decide. And then after deciding it, we had to start choosing how to do it, like how to implement it into (an) actual service project. After that we had to prepare everything, like the bins. (We) obviously had to rinse (the recyclables) throughout the whole week. (And we) had to contact the organization,” said ASMHS Service and Outreach Chairperson Junior Hoyong Lee.  

In the end, MHS students brought in over 8,000 bottles, but the senior class ended up taking the win in this spirit competition. ASMHS and Lee are currently planning for future service projects, some of which have already occurred, like the Coin War.