Top 5 Tips for Promposals


Let’s say that you still haven’t asked that special someone to prom yet. You want something cute, yet not immature. Here are some ideas to get you started.


You can never go wrong with puns. No matter how cheesy they may sound, they are a good go-to for posters and signs.


Flowers have been a staple token since the beginning of time. Give or take a couple (million) years. A bouquet with a nice handwritten note is a great start, but bonus points if you find out his or her favorite flower.


Let’s just say that it is really hard to say no to a box full of delicious, glistening doughnuts…

Serenade them 

If you happen to be musically inclined, go for the classic serenade from the balcony approach. Throw in a rose between your teeth and BAM you are set.

If all else fails… 

Just ask them. Sometimes all the pomp and granduer isn’t what makes a good promposal.


-Inside jokes between the two of you will add a more personal touch to however you ask them.

– Be aware of where they feel comfortable. Would they be ok with being asked to prom in front of half the school? What about in private? Making them comfortable will increase your chances of that answer being yes.

-Allergies? If you plan to ask with some food or flowers, make sure they aren’t allergic to it. You don’t want a prospective date turning red for the wrong reasons.

Compiled by Annissa Burcham and Jannah Kalai