New Beginnings: Park Joins Math Department, Alexander, Kaleiikini Leave


By Christian Lum
[email protected]
(Timothy Won | Trojan Times) Park has only been here teaching for a few weeks as she replaced math teacher Nathan Miyano, but is already adjusting well to the Trojan Life.

As MHS continues to welcome new members to its school staff, there are many of which we are saying goodbye to. We look back at some of the members of staff who have left us, and see how new members of our staff are adjusting to Trojan life.

A former security guard at MHS, Shaun Kaleiikini, has recently left the school to pursue a career as a law enforcer. “He has actually for the last couple years talked about pursuing a career in law enforcement. Maui Police Department picked him up and he is now in their academy,” said Vice Principal Robin Miller. He now works in Maui, but Kaleiikini is very close to Mililani High and, as an alumnus, will continue to make frequent visits.

Former Vice Principal Christine Alexander has recently become the principal of Waialua High and Intermediate School. In charge of the school while the former Principal was on leave, Alexander eventually took over once the position opened up. Alexander helped out at the school and was in charge of the Mathematical and Special Education (ED) departments, but her leave shouldn’t affect the functionality of the school. “We are not going to replace her. We went down to five vice principals from six. We have a really big school. We are all very busy up here, but when you look at costs and what we could do with the money, Murphy decided it would be better spent trying to get another teacher or a couple teachers out here,’” said Miller. “Mrs. Matsukawa has taken over the special ED and I’ve been helping out with math. We also have a system where we all have certain teachers that we have to work with, so our teacher workload has bumped up, but we can handle it.” The other VP’s will take over her duties and work their hardest to keep things running smoothly.

We welcome a new teacher, Sohee Park, to our staff this year. “I’m teaching Algebra 1 this year, but next year I don’t know what I’ll be teaching. I’m fine with teaching any subject. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher as a kid.”  Park is originally from Korea and has recently moved to Hawaii from Missouri with her husband. She worked as a tutor and a teacher to young children prior to working at MHS. This is her first year teaching at a high school level. She finds the students to be much nicer and accepting here. “I like that students are learning something from me and that they are developing,” said Park.

As the year continues, those who’ve joined and left will adjust to their respective lives, but they will always be remembered as part of the Mililani family.