FIRST Robotics builds alliances at regional competition


FIRST ROBOTICS BUILDS ALLIANCES AT REGIONAL COMPETITION. The MHS FIRST Robotics team competed at the UH Stan Sheriff Arena in the Hawaii Regional FIRST Stronghold competition on April 1 to 2. Although many robotics competitions rely on working within your own team, this year, a major part of the competition was to build up alliances outside of it. In the competition, there are two sets of alliances working against each other,, and each alliance’s goal is to take down the other one’s stronghold together. The MHS team was selected to randomly work among students from across Hawaii and from Australia and ranked seventh out of 38 overall. “The whole time you are playing these matches you are scouting to possibly pick another team to be in your alliance later on, so you want to work well and be nice to everyone,” said Junior Jessica Jones. “But I think the most important thing they stress here is gracious professionalism. It’s about being and performing or completing your best, as well (as remaining) respectful and humble in the process.”

Compiled by Katlin Schendel